Dear tea,

As a child, we spent many a morning together. I used to drink you very milky, with the addition of about 4 oversized tablespoons of sugar. Not surprisingly, when I discovered coffee (p.s is ‘Nescafe’ still considered a coffee?), I quickly discarded our friendship and moved on to the more caffeinated option.

I will admit to you now, tea, that I really don’t like you in your green form. That earthy, dusty flavour in my mouth does not appeal. I do, however, love you in an iced version. I don’t usually stand for artificial flavours, but there’s something eerily delicious about peachy iced tea.

Anyways, the point of my letter to you is to actually let you know that I have been converted.

First stage of conversion: purchase of a very beautiful tea pot in Stockholm.

Second stage of conversion: my dear friend, Zilla, introducing me to Sydney Breakfast Tea by T2.

A blend of English Breakfast + Earl Grey…very yummy enjoyed black with a slice of lemon, or traditional with a splash of milk. I find I have outgrown my need for sugar in tea.

Love, fat chops xx


2 Responses to “procras-tea-nating”

  1. Mr T. Says:

    Mrs S.

    I do love tea too… Please advise where in Perth you purchase such a blend of english breakfast and earl grey!

    Mr T.

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