rubber stamps and summer delights

Dear Council,

I have decided that while you take your sweet time deciding when to give me a building licence, I will start a blog to talk about all things food. I am not going to sit by the window, looking out at the grey sky, waiting for your rubber stamp. Instead, fat chops is getting in the kitchen and cooking up a storm.

Mr Councillor, do you know that Mrs. S is going to change the face of your suburb? Beautiful ‘Crema’ coffee, freshly-baked cakes and other sugary delights, as well as yummy breakfast and lunch fare?

I do hope to see you and your mates lining up at the door when we open.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – –

Today I am thinking about pineapples. Sure, summer is only sort-of on our doorstep, but I still managed to find a sweet ‘n’ juicy pineapple at the markets on Saturday. I have great expectations for this golden fruit.

What is your favourite fruity recipe? You show me yours, I show you mine.

Love, fat chops xx

p.s the big pineapple photo was kindly borrowed from


One Response to “rubber stamps and summer delights”

  1. Toia Says:

    love love love it!!!

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