Dear lovelies,

I trust you can keep a secret: Mrs.S is under construction! We are still waiting on a little bit of red tape to be cleared, but in the meantime, the jackhammer is out, the plumber is in and dust is flying! Sadly the October 5th opening date looks set to be pushed back a few weeks, but this can only be a good thing – more time to test our delicious recipes and food ideas.

There has been an unhealthy amount of lemon curd, double cream, sugar, eggs, bread, butter, cheese, pork, apple sauce, potatoes, cupcakes and other artery-cloggers flying around my kitchen in the past few weeks, so, this week is time for DETOX. I know, so boring, but it’s a must (I can’t do up my jeans and I feel a second layer of muffin top spreading).

I assume no-one wants to see a picture of carrot sticks, so, hang in there- next week the calories will fill your screens again.

Actually, speaking of carrots, who likes carrot cake? It’s one of my favourites. Prior to detox, I was playing around with a carrot, pistachio and orange cake recipe. I think I love it and you will see it sitting prettily on the counter at Mrs.S in weeks to come.

Do you have a favourite cake recipe? Do share!


fat chops xx


10 Responses to “it’s-a-happenin’”

  1. Nickers Says:

    Carrot cake is the ultimate treat! (this said coming from devoted chocolate lover). It is a fine balance, a good carrot cake. Moist, slightly sweet and containing small, plump sultanas, sans coconut and made with wholemeal flour. As a follower of all things pistache and citrus, I am v looking forward to Mrs S carrot cake incarnation.

    • mrsscafe Says:

      i like the idea of wholemeal flour. will have to look in to that!! oh, and sultanas! that would be a wonderful addition to the pistachio carrot cake. may require you to be a taste tester 🙂 xxx

  2. Cam Says:

    I keep driving past Mrs. S. on the way home from work and was super excited to finally see the door partially open yesterday and workmen around! Cant wait for yummy treats just around the corner!

  3. Hannah Rose Cameron Says:

    A new cafe… how exciting! Where is it going to be?

    • mrsscafe Says:

      Hi Hannah,

      The cafe is opening in Maylands – just across from the Maylands train station (corner eighth & whatley cres). We hope to be open by the end of October 🙂

      Sarah x

  4. Hannah Rose Cameron Says:

    Brilliant, I’ll look forward to visiting soon. Good luck with everything.

  5. Carmelita de España Says:

    Sarunia, I love your initiative, such a good idea to open a cafe!! We both know that we are good gourmets! I wish I could be there on the opening day. I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you ciber-good-luck.

    I’m looking forward to drinking a CAFE CON LECHE AL ESTILO SARAH with you.

    Miss u a lot…..


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